Adel Azer Bestavros

Teacher, Servant, and Family Patriarch

1924 - 2005



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Writings and Publications


In English

  • Coptic Community Councils

    This article authored by Adel Bestavros was published in 1991 as part of The Coptic Encyclopedia (Aziz Suryal Atiya, Editor), Macmillan. Original drafts of the article were completed in 1990. 

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  • The Organization and History of the Patriarchal Laical Councils in the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt
    This article authored by Adel Bestavros was published in 1976 by the Society of the Law of the Oriental Churches (Societe du Droit des Eglises Orientales), headquartered in Austria. He presented the content of this article at the Third General Assembly of that Society in Ravenna, Italy, in September 1975. Original drafts of the article were completed on August 22, 1975.

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  • Sunday In Egypt

    A short communiqué prepared in 1957 by Adel Bestavros describing the reaction of the Coptic Community, including its lay councils, to the initial phases of the marginalization of the Coptic community, which started as early as 1956, when efforts began to force Coptic businesses to observe Friday as national "holiday".

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In Arabic

  • The Coptic Constitution: A Platform for Reform of Coptic Church Affairs

    This flyer summarized the platform upon which a group of seven Coptic lay leaders who called themselves the "Popular Front", including 33-year-old Adel Bestavros,  ran for elections to the Lay Council in 1957. It describes their vision for reforms of the Coptic Church, which (as history attests) revitalized the church under the pontificate of educated clergy, headed by Pope Cyril VI, and later by Pope Shenouda III. This platform was drafted by Adel Bestavros.

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  • ElWakt ElMakboul (The Acceptable Time)

    This book was published in two volumes by Adel Bestavros to celebrate the life of his beloved brother Dr. Naguib Bestavros, who died in 1957 at the age of thirty one after a long battle with diabetes.  The book represents a collection of spiritual essays and reflections written by Dr. Naguib, a renown preacher who devoted his medical career to helping the poor. The two volumes were re-printed in 1984.

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